Do You Need Food Supplements?

You probably have friends or family members that are currently taking some sort of dietary supplement in their daily lives and you’ve also seen or heard about the numerous types of food supplements available in the market currently so you’re here to find out all about it.


The main purpose behind food supplements is simple, they deliver the sufficient nutrients to our body that we may not otherwise have. These essential supplements, also known as dietary supplements or nutritional supplements, can be vitamins, minerals like iron and calcium, fatty acids, amino acids, or any other substances. They most typically come in a form of pills, capsules, tablets, or liquid and are available in a variety of different volumes/doses depending on the requirements needed.


But that begs the question, what’s the acceptable amount that our body needs? You can refer to the table below:


Type of Nutrient Required Dosage Maximum Limit
Calcium 1,000–1,200 mg 2,000 mg
Folate 400 mcg 1,000 mcg
Iron 8 mg 45 mg
Vitamin A 700 mcg RAE 3,000 mcg RAE
Vitamin B 6 1.5 mg 100 mg
Vitamin B 12 2.4 mcg No established upper limit
Vitamin C 75-90 mg 2,000 mg
Vitamin D 600–800 IU 4,000 IU
Vitamin E 15 mg 1,000 mg


Now when it comes to diet, technically it is entirely possible to get all of the nutrients that our body needs just from our food and diet. All of us already understand the need for a well-balanced diet of fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, protein, healthy fats, and good carbs to ensure our body has the sufficient nutrients.


But let’s be honest here for a second, if you can have a perfectly balanced diet you wouldn’t be reading this now, would you? And really, who could blame you? In the era of busy schedules and fast foods, it’s often very difficult to keep up with our body’s health and nutrition. The best option we have for a balanced and healthy meal would be to cook for ourselves three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Unless you are a full-time chef or nutrition coach, we barely have enough time for a proper meal let alone cook three of them. This usually forces us to choose our food poorly, sometimes even forgoing nutrients for cheaper, faster options and that’s exactly the gap that food supplements are helping to fill! To get the recommended daily intake of nutrients, many people turn to dietary supplements. This is especially true for certain groups such as people with food allergies, vegetarians, vegans, pregnant women, and menopausal women because they require higher levels of certain nutrients than others.


At NCS Science, our food supplements are made of only organic and natural formulations. Get in touch with us today here to know more!