Health and wellness are two interchangeable well-being but remain as important. If health is the desired outcome, wellness is the action we must take to achieve it. To achieve this state of complete well-being, NCS Science provides a comprehensive range of food-based healthcare products for both the body and mind.

Additionally, as the top nutrition supplement manufacturer and food product manufacturer in Malaysia, we can customise the type of formulation in which your nutritional food and healthcare products are packaged. Rest assured that all nutritional food, healthcare, and OEM food products in Malaysia that we manufacture for you undergo stringent quality checks, as we are a GMP certified OEM manufacturer. Whether you require a nutrition supplement, a food product manufacturer or an OEM food product in Malaysia, NCS Science is your trusted partner.




Brain & Memory Health

Enhance Brain Health, Improve Neuron Function.


Detox & Slimming

Eye Health

Improve Fatigue Eye, Eye Sagging, Improve Vision.

Gastric Health

Hair & Nail Health

Heart Health

Improve Heart Health, Blood Circulation, Boost General Heart Functions and Improve Blood Flow.

Immune System

Joint Health

Improve Bone Density, Strengthen Bone, Improve Joint Movement.

Liver Health

Liver, kidney, Spleen and Toxin Cleanse.

Meal Replacement

General Healthcare, Major Nutrients - Carbohydrates (CHO), Llipids (fats), Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Water.

Men’s Health

Improve energy, Blood Circulation, Revitalize Reproductive System, Support Prostate Health, Improve Sperm Quality and Count.


Gut Microflora, Balance Up Good Bacteria, Improve Digestive System.

Protein Powder Mix

Sleep Management

Regulate Sleep cycle, Sleep Quality, Biological Clock, Improve Stress and Mild depression.


Women’s Health

Menopause, Menstrual Cycle, Hormone Balancing and Increase Fertility.