About NCS Science

NCS Science Sdn Bhd (formerly known as NGS Healthcare Sdn. Bhd.) has been manufacturing health supplements and beauty products for over 10 years in Malaysia. We are a complete OBM, ODM, OEM and Halal supplement manufacturer and OBM organisation that provides high-quality formulations and bespoke results.

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NCS Science

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Food Based Health & Wellness

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Weight Management

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Why Choose Us

Customer Success

Customers are our main priority and we strive to exceed their requirements while determined to commit to the utmost results. We strongly build trust with our customers to establish greater credibility. singles ü40 aus bienne

Comprehensive Solutions

We create complete solutions from consultation, ingredients sourcing, formulation, design and packaging, regulatory service, branding and marketing to final goods delivery.

Quality Management

We use not only high-quality ingredients but are also advocate to the natural elements from the nature which includes; Superfood, Organic Food, Eco Green Food and Non-GMO Food.

Advanced Formulations

We are proficient in what we do with a team of expertise in developing new and innovative formulations.