Research and Development Executive


  • Create new formula for food supplement.
  • Handling in product discussion acquired by customer and provide technical/
    scientific advice.
  • Source for raw materials from different suppliers.
  • Troubleshoot & research on raw materials to improve current formulation.
  • Ensure formulation is stable and safe according to NPRA requirements.
  • Excel in problem solving related with formulation issue and assist in client Q&A.
  • Track changes on ingredients list and regulatory requirements.
  • Overseeing the entire development process product within organization from
    initial planning to the implementation of production.
  • Team with others in research, quality assurance and production to ensure
    consistency of the product quality.
  • Manage product development timeline, cost and quality.
  • Troubleshoot and keep track of all the costs related to the creation of these new
    products and decide what ideas are worth pursuing.
  • Perform expressed or implied duties required by superior or company.



  • Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma or Professional Degree, Chemistry, Pharmacy/Pharmacology, Biotechnology, Food Science or equivalent field
  • Lab skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Sampling techniques
  • Fundamental chemistry / food science / biology knowledge
  • Basic GMP, Halal & regulation requirement and its principles
  • Fresh grade is welcome, experience in related field is advantage